NorthernNet - A project examining how new technologies can enhance modern remote working

NorthernNet provides digital and creative businesses across the North access with a high-speed network offering uncontested speeds of up to 1 Gbps. Spread across the ‘Northern Way’, the network has fourteen access points in cited in key locations across the NorthWest.

In a collaboration with The White Room, The Hamilton Project managed three live projects which were used as case studies to test how the connectivity provided by NorthernNet technology can support and enhance working practices and demonstrate the added-value provided by super-fast connectivity, communication and collaboration technologies.

The live projects included:

The Death of Distance – A unique mixed-reality debate on whether the use of cutting-edge technology can change the nature of collaboration.

This groundbreaking event, saw a panel of experts from across the globe participate in a real-time debate. Panel members attended the debate either as avatars or by live video conference link streamed into a 3D auditorium. The debate was hosted by Phil Jones from Brother UK, who attended as both an avatar and by video link from a real-world event held at The Midland Hotel, Manchester. The debate will took place in front of an invited audience drawn from the north of England’s creative and digital industries, who attended either virtually as avatars or as part of the live audience at The Midland Hotel.

Architectural Collaboration – 6 Students from Leeds School of Architecture and 6 Students from Manchester School of Architecture collaborated ‘live’ between two locations over three days.