Own Zone - marketing and creative sessions for youth centre initiative
in Bolton

Working as creative consultants for the Ideas Foundation, The Hamilton Project lead a series of creative sessions with school pupils from Bolton to promote the Own Zone initiative within the area.

The campaign sought to promote Own Zones through raising the profile of achievement within the neighbourhood. Sending out the key message that success is achievable from these neighbourhoods, and will be accelerated by attendance at the ‘Own Zone’ centres. The young people were involved at all creative stages of the project from the concepts and strap-lines through to physically creating imagery to be used as part of a bespoke ident.

‘Local Superstars’ were invited to attend a one day photographic shoot within the neighbourhood, photographs from which will go to provide visual content for a poster campaign.

The Hamilton Project art directed the photo-shoot prior to designing the poster campaign and styling for
associated materials.

A PR campaign tied into local media was also developed in the run up to the photographic event to ask the local community to ‘talent spot’ within their neighbourhood and suggest groups or individuals who should be invited along to take part.
The young scholars involved with the project gained an understanding of the process by which a design and advertising campaigns develops. As well as the integral related aspects of target markets, key messages and branding. In addition they gained hands-on skills in planning for and managing production across a range of channels from print media to local radio.