South Northamptonshire Council investment brochure

A recent tender success was for a promotional brochure for South Northamptonshire Council. The brief was to create a new investment brochure highlighting the many benefits of the area to potential investors.

An incisive use of copy was implemented along with a more guided approach to helping the viewer navigate the document with more digestible sections of text used in conjunction with clear and consistent header structures. Key comments and passages of copy were pulled out all through the document to highlight significant pieces of information. The sites pulled out for case studies all fall on or near to the A43, the path of which was used to create a ribbon graphic and parallel lines that hint at contours and importance of location to the area.

Contemporary rounded sans serif fonts were utilised to illustrate a modern, open approach to investing by the South Northamptonshire Council. A fresh palette complimented the significant print finishes which ranged from subtle peach lamination to a more overt blind emboss and use of foil. The foil was used sparingly to documents cover, giving the user a classy and understated initial viewing leading to the impactful and vibrant bespoke photography within.

Photography was a key aspect to the project what with the visual appeal of the district a fundamental point to the success of the brochure. As such I commissioned several days of site specific photography and reserved significant layout space to showcase the resulting imagery.

Interactive PDF elements were used to great effect to make a hardworking document that maximised it’s usefulness when downloaded as a digital format from the South Northamptonshire website.