Station Stories - Live author told
story telling

Station stories is a unique, site specific, live, literature performance event using digital technology and improvised electronic sound. Six writers take an audience on a creative trip at Piccadilly. The published and award winning writers include: David Gaffney, Jenn Ashworth, Nicholas Royle, Peter Wild, Tom Jenks and Tom Fletcher. Sound Artist: Daniel Hopkins. Station Stories was set over three days at Manchester Piccadilly. Leading authors were commissioned to write pieces specifically for the event.

The authors read their own stories, live, to a private audience in headphones, taking you on a trip of conspiracy, murder, love and revenge. Live background music was mixed on-site featuring samples taken from within Piccadilly itself. Participants were lead to different, specific areas of the train station for each individual story. The performers gradually revealed themselves from the throngs of passengers to the audience, interacting with the crowds as they went.

Station Stories used a variety of marketing channels, including a new website, 10 lightboxes at Manchester Piccadilly, social media networks via dedicated Facebook and Twitter pages as well as print, including posters and banners.

Demographic research showed Twitter to be a fundamental channel to exploit when marketing to our sort after audience. The Hamilton Project created a fully branded Twitter page, growing the account to hundreds of followers in a matter of weeks. Celebrity endorsements and subsequent retweets helping Station Stories sell out over it’s weekend shows. The Twitter feed was pulled in dynamically on the Station Stories website and was marketed as key element to the experience, promoting live on site tweeting and hashtags with the page itself being pushed via a mixture of channels from offline, to email campaigns. The website itself is highly creative in it’s design, encompassing a commissioned illustration for the sites background, that flows over all the marketing materials, and folded paper motifs playing on origami story telling.

Some of the amazing feedback we’ve had to Station Stories:
‘Thoroughly enjoying and thought provoking. Unique. Superb.’
‘Absolutely phenomenal.’
‘I have never been to anything like it. Brilliant.’
‘A brilliant concept skillfully executed.’
‘My young children enjoyed it too.’
‘So totally unique and amazing. I’ve never experienced anything like.’
‘Station Stories. Goosebump food. Amazing.’
‘Ah! The Future! Amazing!’
‘So glad to have experienced this! Moving, exciting, unique and exhilarating.’