Text Festival - International arts festival rebrand and new website with bespoke content management system

The Text Festival is an internationally recognised event investigating contemporary language art (poetry, text art, sound and media text, live art). The Festival specialises in experiments, in new experiences, in performances and exhibitions that mix artforms in groundbreaking combinations that challenge traditional language art boundaries and offer artists a forum for dialogue and exchange of ideas.

The new identity directly plays on the diverse nature of the festival, with layered, deconstructed letterforms making up a background against which the white ‘Text Festival’ type elements of the ident contrast. Single layer elements of the identity background are pulled out for use in universal backgrounds.

An initial based ‘TF’ square version and single colour executions make up the clients identity pack. The square edition being especially useful for icon use such as on the branded Text Festival
Twitter account.

The site is rolled out in a bold execution of the new styling with deconstructed letterforms contrasting with a formal, multi column grid. The grid confidently enables a varying amount of content on different pages. Typography was a key concern due to the nature of the festival so the site utilises the well-poised slab serif font, which the new identity is comprised of.

The new site encompasses an open source content management system (CMS) to permit the uploading of new events and exhibitions. Automated image resizing simplifies the process and guarantees site wide consistancy, with featured smaller images expanding on click. A search facility enables users to highlight events of specific interest.

The Hamilton Project setup a Text Festival branded Twitter account and Facebook page, with the Twitter account being pulled into a live feed on
the homepage.